Senior Support

Caring for seniors or aging loved ones can be quite challenging and this goes double if you live or work far away from where they live. How can you have peace of mind knowing that you can’t always be around for your loved ones when once they were always around for you? Let the Senior Support Services personnel of Amazing Healthcare Consultants be there for them when you can’t be around.

As senior support advocates we will sit down with you to help you create a comprehensive Medical Portfolio for your elderly loved ones. When you, or someone close to your senior, can’t be there to provide an accurate and comprehensive account of his or her medical history, a Medical Portfolio is invaluable. With the assistance of the Portfolio, the doctor or emergency healthcare provider will have a complete picture of your senior’s health situation. The information contained in a Medical Portfolio will ensure that your senior gets care best calculated to meet his or needs.

We will listen to your concerns and help you prepare questions about your elderly loved one so you get the clearest understanding of the situation from the healthcare provider. We will coordinate medical appointments or visits to the doctor. And, if you can’t be there, we will go with your senior to any of their appointments in your stead.

Our Senior Support Services are not limited to being consultants and companions. It’s our goal to make sure that you are not left in the dark where the care of your elderly loved ones is concerned. We will make sure you are always up to date with their latest healthcare development or treatments.

As your senior support advocate, we will:

  • Provide peace of mind by being available to your loved one when you can’t be there
  • Organize a “medical portfolio” that will contain all important healthcare information
  • Listen to your healthcare concerns and prepare you to discuss these with your doctor
  • Coordinate and accompany you to medical appointments
  • Communicate with all involved family members and caregivers
  • Assure dignity, compassion and respect

We know how much you love your seniors. They gave you the best of their years; now it’s up to you to make sure they get the best treatment during their twilight years. Let Amazing Healthcare Consultants give you the peace of mind and your senior, the respect, dignity and compassion they deserve.