What is a Personal Health Record?

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Dr. DeVore has spent decades reading, writing, and interpreting and collecting medical records.  She knows just how important it is for patients to have complete access to all of their medical records, at all times.  Dr. DeVore believes every person should have a Personal Health Record (PHR), and she uses a great tool that allows people (and anyone they give permission to) to access this information from anywhere one can access the Internet, even on their phone! Important summaries can be printed or faxed at the touch of a button.

A Personal Health Record can help people to become more involved in their own health and health care, coordinate and combine information from multiple providers, help to ensure patient information is always available (think how important this is in an emergency, while traveling, or when seeing a new physician) and encourages family health management (think of how this could help parents caring for young children, family members of any age with a chronic illness, elderly parents).

When information is accessible and shareable – among family members (even when they live far away), providers (including GCMs), health outcomes are likely to improve, medication mistakes are less likely to happen, and duplicate testing or procedures can be avoided. It’s a great step in being prepared for all your doctor’s appointments.

It’s a win-win!

Learn more at about CareSync.

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