10 lies Patients tell their Doctors

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I’m embarrassed about some of my personal
choices and don’t want to talk about them
with my doctor.

What lies do people frequently tell their doctor? According to studies these are the things patients commonly lie about, ranked from highest to lowest.

Top 10 lies patients tell to their doctors

  • Taking medications as prescribed
  • How much exercise they are getting
  • How they don’t smoke/or how much they actually smoke
  • How much casual sex they are having
  • How much alcohol they drink
  • Use of illegal drugs
  • Use of alternative medicine/supplements or therapy
  • Family history of illnesses
  • Underrating or exaggerating symptoms
  • Conducting self-breast exams (for women)

Each of these patient lies can affect the medical advice or treatment you receive– and may not work to your benefit.

If cost is a concern, remember that doctors pay bills and have financial stresses just like everyone else. If you are concerned that any recommended treatment may not be within your budget or insurance coverage, make your doctor aware of your concern. If you are honest about this worry, your doctor will be able to explore other options.

You should also already have some questions in mind before you even see the doctor. If you aren’t honest and accurate with your doctor, his or her best medical advice will be compromised.  Your doctor is not a judge of your behaviors; he or she is there to keep you healthy and get you the best medical care.

If you need an advocate to help you have a difficult conversation with your doctor, give us a call, we can be By Your Side!

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