Your Personal Patient Advocate

If you don’t understand the healthcare profession or you’re nervous about your situation, going to see the doctor can be a pretty intimidating task for you or your loved ones.  It’s helpful and productive to make sure you have people on your side who can take charge of the trivial or less important things to do so your loved ones can focus on what is more important.  You need the advocacy services of Amazing Healthcare Consultants.

As your personal patient advocate, we can listen to your health concerns and in response organize a comprehensive Medical Portfolio for you or your loved ones.  A Medical Portfolio contains all your medical information in one place so your doctor and health care providers can have the whole picture when something happens.  A Medical Portfolio is useful in emergencies or healthcare crises and can ensure that you get the most informed care possible.

We know a visit to the doctor can be a scary experience and we can go with you or your loved ones to a medical appointment or any doctor visit to provide the necessary moral support and to be  a second pair  of “ears” to hear the information given.

What does a patient advocate do?

  • Gather, organize and summarize your medical history
  • Listen to your healthcare concerns
  • Prepare you for your doctors visit so that you can get answers to the questions that are important to you
  • Accompany you or your loved one to their medical appointments
    Coordinate care with your whole healthcare team
  • Help you to understand what the doctor is saying so that you can make the best healthcare decisions for you or your loved one
  • Keep all family members and caregivers well informed

Before you go to the doctor, we can help you prepare and identify the questions that need to be asked so your visit will be productive and worthwhile. Don’t worry about missing anything important – we understand the healthcare profession and are familiar with medical terms and jargon and we will make sure you and your healthcare provider fully understand each other before you leave your appointment.

We’re by your side.

As your personal patient advocate, we will coordinate with your healthcare service providers and your relatives about the progress of your treatment, rehabilitation and other changes in your condition.  Recovering from any emergency, illness or health crisis doesn’t have to be a lonely road for you or your loved ones.  You don’t need to be alone or on your own even if your medical visits are simply to assure optimal aging or wellness.  Let Amazing Healthcare Consultants assist you so you have peace of mind.

Still Have Questions?

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