The Importance of Having a PHR, Continued…

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Making your PHR mobile

iphone-phr-appPart 2 of 2 on The Importance of Having a PHR. Read Part 1.

A binder for your PHR files is good for the home, but what about when you travel? Travel is an essential part of life, whether for business or pleasure and you can never tell what will happen on your trip.

If your PHR is not that long or comprehensive yet and holds all the vital information in four pages or less, then this can be printed and stowed in your carry-on bag.

However, if you have a very comprehensive PHR, or have to carry information for more than one person (like when traveling with your family) you can have the digital version of your information saved in a flash disk. These little devices can hold vast amounts of data and are small enough to fit in a tote bag and even in your eyeglass or sunglass case.

There is another way to ensure others can access your PHR when you don’t have it on you. You can have a page of your social media site dedicated to your PHR. Just guard your privacy–be sure you do not post sensitive information or data that others do not necessarily need to know.

You can place a small note with your site IP address in your wallet or purse, near your ID. If a patient is non-response, a first responder will have to look in a wallet or purse for identification.

According to an online article, a woman’s life was actually saved by doctors who did not have a clue about her medical history until first responders were alerted to the fact that she had a PHR on her Facebook account.

Keep your PHR safe

Your PHR may not hold financial information like your bank account numbers and credit card data, but nonetheless it is information that can be misused should it fall into the wrong hands. Make sure no one but your family or closest trusted friends have access to this data. You can do this by keeping your hardcopy files in a secure location in your home, making the digital copy in your flash disk a password-protected document and not posting sensitive information in your online PHR.

You should feel a sense of accomplishment when you compile your PHR, but don’t forget that things can change over time.  We hope you will be mindful to constantly update your PHR if any new relevant data is available.

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