Crisis Management Services

Life is full of surprises.  Unfortunately, not all of them will be pleasant. When the unthinkable, like an emergency or healthcare crisis, happens to you or to anyone you love, you will need the right people by your side to help handle all the details you can’t, or shouldn’t, have to handle. You need Amazing Healthcare Consultants.

Our Healthcare Crisis program can actually begin before any unforeseen medical or healthcare eventuality. We can assist you or your loved ones in organizing a Medical Portfolio to keep all of your significant health information in one place. A Medical Portfolio is an invaluable tool during any emergency or acute health crisis because your provider will have immediate access to accurate information about your medical history.

But our job doesn’t end after the worst is over. Once the crisis is resolved, we’re there to assist you or your loved ones prepare for future visits to the doctor. We are there to prepare you to ask the questions that need to be asked. And we can go with you or your loved ones to those crucial medical appointments.

Life can take that unexpected turn anytime or when you least expect it. Make sure your focus stays on what means the most to you. Just let Amazing Healthcare Consultants take care of the details.

When a healthcare crisis arises, Amazing Healthcare Consultants will be by your side.

As a healthcare company, we are intimately familiar with the operation and inner workings of the healthcare profession. We will make sure you are not left in the dark about anything!  It is our job to make sure you and your doctor understand each other fully so you can arrive at your best informed decisions during your consultations or medical appointments.

As your personal healthcare advocate, we will:

Organize a “medical portfolio” that will contain all significant healthcare information

  • Create a medical journal to track important information
  • Prepare you for doctors visits so you’re ready to ask meaningful questions
  • Accompany you or your loved one to their medical appointments
  • Translate “medical speak” so you can make the best-informed decisions
  • Coordinate care with your whole healthcare team
  • Keep all family members and caregivers well informed

We can also coordinate with your healthcare team to make sure the treatment or rehabilitation for you or your loved one proceeds smoothly. It is our job to keep your family and care providers well-informed about anything they should know about healthcare treatments, expectations, and choices.

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