Health Insurance Claims Resolution

If you’ve ever received a medical bill you suspected was excessive or miscalculated, chances are you may be correct.  Studies show that medical bills are not always accurate – they can contain errors. Sometimes as high as up to 80 percent.

As many as 8 out of 10 bills for health care services contain errors according to Time Magazine, March 4, 2013 article by Steven Brill, Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills are Killing Us.

If you are not familiar with how to read your medical bill, you face the risk of losing money and taking on enormous frustration trying to figure it out with your insurance company or doctor’s office.  Let’s be honest about this – when you, or a loved one, is in, or has been in, the hospital, do you really have the time to sit down and thoroughly scrutinize the details of your medical bills?  What if you had multiples consultations, or several tests or outpatient procedures – even all at the same time?  Besides the high cost of those events, they result in bills that are really difficult to decipher!

This is where our expertise in Insurance Claims Resolution comes in!

We know how the system works. As your personal health insurance claims resolution specialist, we can make sure your medical bill will not have any errors that can rob you of your money or benefits. We will also ensure you get all the coverage you are supposed to be getting and don’t end up paying more than what you owe.

We can trace errors in your medical bill by examining coding, deductibles, co-payments and procedures. We can also look into denials and manage any appeals process.

We also have people who can get through to the right people in your insurance provider’s office to resolve overcharges or errors. Once everything is verified, we can also negotiate the fees or arrange payments plans with your provider, if needed.

As your Health Insurance Claims Specialist we will:

  • Identify billing errors by examining coding and procedures, and work towards resolution
  • Resolve errors relating to deductibles and co-payments
  • Research denials and, if appropriate, manage the appeals process
  • Assist in resolving medical collections issues
  • Negotiate fees and arrange payment plans
  • Obtain answers by getting through to the right people in the provider’s office and at the insurance company
  • Ensure that you receive all covered benefits you are due and only pay for what you truly owe

If you are a recovering patient, or are assisting a loved one to make a full recovery, the accuracy of your medical bill should be the least of your worries.  Leave the verification and scrutiny of your bill to us – keep your peace of mind!

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